Reborn Project Gallery




Kostas Zouchas: the creator of Reborn Project Gallery. A young, self-taught artist who uses wood, glass, metal and stone as raw material, sometimes individually and others connected in a harmonious combination, with each material giving its charm to the others.

His philosophy is based on reusing material and items that would seem totally useless in the eyes of anyone else. He observes, collects and creates implementing a kind of direct recycling. The items are "reborn" into a new form in his hands.

His engagement in constructions that require manual dexterity started from a young age, however his artistic occupation was set off in 2018.

He lives in the lush green island of Skiathos, which offers him raw material in abundance, natural (stone, wood) from its rich flora and seashore, as well as manmade (metal, glass) from its intense human activity.

The appreciation of simple material makes us value the world that we live in more.