Katerina Moraitou Markianou

Katerina Moraitou Markianou studied Fine Arts and Theater Design at Central-Saint Martins in London and worked on costume and stage design as well as interior hotel design in Athens, but her passion lays on visual works of people especially portraits, and other various subjects, using pencil as her favorite medium and adding other materials when and where inspired: "I've been interested in people and portraits since very young. I follow my instinct in expressing whatever idea arises impulsively, working with pencil and occasionally adding color. I choose to draw anything that touches me and inspires me to express a story, an action, feelings or any other element in peoples's lives. Consequently, my work deals with issues that touch all of us, such as beauty, vanity, fame, depression, rivalry, power, tragedy, injustice, discrimination, health, optimism and above all, love." 
She had her first solo exhibition in 2017 at Gallery7, Athens and she has participated in group exhibitions. 
At Medley she mainly 'flirts' with themes that derive from greek culture, from ancient times till today, occasionally leaving a statement through the pencil lines...