Anthia Destouni, the artist behind Ad-ceramics creates unique small-batch handbuilt ceramics that focus on functionality, hoping to add beauty and aesthetic value in daily life. With a background in graphic design, form and colour are essential in her design. She strives to experiment with diverse decorative techniques and styles, as clay offers endless expressive possibilities. Simple and functional forms encompass her slow living, organic, less-is-more philosophy.
Clay is the material that most embrasses nature, another passion of hers. Her favourite building technique is pinching, the primitive, ancient method that allows her to form objects that reflect her hands and the slower process of building, imbued with nature and soul. She hopes the warm forms that result from this process, will bring beauty and pleasure in their everyday handling.
As she lives and works in Greece, ancient Greek and Byzantine ceramics offer endless inspiration that is imbued in her work in shape or decoration.