Dimitris Roussetos

Self-taught and instinctual, Dimitris Roussetos sculpts in order to capture the spirit of nature through his creations. A spectacular artist that forms his sculptures entirely by hand and gives life to earth elements. He uses stone, pebbles, marble and wood from trees like olive, oak or eucalyptus, or any other gift Mother Earth has to offer, transforming every piece into a mesmerizing artwork.
His technique captures the essential movement and attitude of his subject. He strongly believes that wood and marble are two materials that need discipline but also respect from the artist on how he treats them.
He makes custom wooden sculptures giving life into the material that he's adored since childhood.
His family is from the island of Andros, where he' s been going almost every summer of his life. He created his first wooden sculpture when he was 6 years old, at his grandmother's doorstep. In the process, a couple of tourists saw his small wooden sculpture and asked to buy it for 200 drachmas! That was his first sale and the very moment when he realized what he really loved to be doing for the rest of his life.
His relationship with wood starts with the family business. For more than three generations his family works in the installation business of wooden floors, so this has brought him immediate contact with wood and its processing.
Today Dimitris changes and transforms wood and marble into elaborate sculptures and furniture with unique movement and plasticity.

'My first contact with sculpting was during my childhood when I used a small razor and started to carve drawings on my pencil. Being a child of nature I rarely played with video games or watched T.V. Instead I created my own games from wood with my own hands, like wooden swords, bows, arrows..
I used to visit museums with my mother from an early age. This activated my deep love, admiration and respect for classical art. The expression and the movement of a sculpture makes you want to embrace it'. Dimitri says.