Marilena Mihopoulou

Marilena's relationship with clay as a means of expression began in the School of Arts and Sciences in 1994. Since then, she has totally devoted herself to Ceramic Sculpture as well as the study of volume and materials.


Her creations, which started as utilitarian pieces of a significant size, have transformed into architectural ones with clean-cut shapes. Inspired by saints and heroes of ancient Greek tragedies, she has created lines purely based on the human being. These elements are expressed through the shape of vibrating vertebrae thus delivering a dramaturgical expression to the figures.

Both harmoniousness and rhythm are dominant not only in her sculptures but also in her utilitarian objects. Marilena uses clay and porcelain as well as other materials complementing her inner voice.

In 2003, she created her workshop, "Clay Form Sculpture", where she offers lessons. She teaches in Beirut as well. Finally, Marilena has participated in numerous personal and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.